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  1. Find records for people with a specific surname by entering that surname in the Last Name field and then click Search.
  2. Find records for people whose surnames are similar in spelling or sound by entering the surname in the Last Name field, click Soundex, and then click Search.
  3. Soundex searches can also be used with Maiden Name searches.
  4. You can combine Maiden Name and Last Name searches by providing surnames in both fields. If soundex is also requested, the soundex search will only apply to the Last Name field for the combined search.
  5. First names searches can also be done by entering first names in the First Name field. Partial names can also be entered; e.g., entering 'Chris' will find Chris, Christopher, Christine, etc.
  6. If the New Records box is checked then the Last Name, First Name, Maiden Name, and Soundex fields are ignored.

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