Scott County, Tennessee
Burial Information

Diansis Blevins
Cemetery Information
Hattie Blevins Cemetery
Divide Road
36.579582214, -84.755538940
This cemetery has no known alias names
Burial Information
Birth Date: 15 Jun 1846
Death Date: 25 Dec 1903
Inscription: PVT CO D 32 KY INF; Civil War
Transcriber Comments: 2nd headstone says his name is "Died"
Transcriber: Timothy N. West
Transcription Date: 18 Jun 2008
Headstone image(s)
Diansis Blevins 15 Jun 1846 - 25 Dec 1903
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Died Blevens 15 Jun 1849 - 25 Dec 1903
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Diansis Blevins grave location

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