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Morgan County Cemeteries II

Author(s): Carla and Susie Kries
Publisher: Carla and Susie Kries, P.O. Box 127, Deer Lodge, T
Copyright: 1996
Pages: 389
Abstract: The family of Bill & Susie Kries of Deer Lodge spent three years of searching out forgotten cemeteries in the early 80's & the first complete edition of the Morgan County Cemeteries came out in 1986.

They suffered through the summer heat and patches of poison ivy but there were rewards! Bill & Susie and their daughters Carla & Katrina divided the responsibilities which included removing the briars and brush to make the stones visible, flouring up the stones to make them readable, recording the data, & then preparing the final copy.

They now, in 1996, have an updated edition, Morgan County Cemeteries II. This edition contains thousands of names and dates collected from stones, death certificates, and other data. This book will be a valuable resource to help aid those doing family research.

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