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Book Details for Dusty Bits of the Forgotten Past: A History of Scott County

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Dusty Bits of the Forgotten Past: A History of Scott County

Author(s): H. Clay Smith
Publisher: Scott County Historical Society; Huntsville, TN
Copyright: 1985
Pages: 602
Abstract: Dusty Bits covers 200 years in the growth and development of the mountainous area which has become Scott County. It was compiled by the author over a 40-year period, completed in 1963. Due to a lingering illness, which culminated in Smith\'s death in 1971, his manuscript never went to press, as it, too, was to become one of the Dusty Bits of the Forgotten Past. ... publication of this book, not only because of the storehouse of material contained herein, but also as a tribute to the man who wrote it: H. CLAY SMITH, Scott County\'s first county historian.

Typeset and edited by the membership of the Scott County Historical Society in cooperation with the staff of the Independent Herald, Oneida, Tennessee, 1984-1985.

There is a separate subject and everyname index.

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