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Book Details for Morgan County Newspaper Obituaries, Volume I (1916-1934)

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Morgan County Newspaper Obituaries, Volume I (1916-1934)

Author(s): Julie Cromwell
Publisher: B&D Etc.; Oneida, TN
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 179
Abstract: This book contains Newspaper Obituaries taken from the original copies of the \"Morgan County Press\" and \"The Morgan County News\" and some contributed obituaries from other sources. Information was copied \'AS IS\' to preserve the language and wording of the time. There are lots of misspelled words and lots of missing punctuation. Some of these \'death notices\' were only a line in the community news sections and others are very long and very \'wordy\' in an attempt to honor the deceased. Every effort was made to include the entire obituary.

An every name index is included.

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