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Scott County in the Civil War

Author(s): Paul Roy
Publisher: Scott County Historical Society; Huntsville, TN
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 400
Abstract: Illustrated. Gives biographical sketches of more than 400 local men and boys who fought in the war, provides accounts of the three major skirmishes fought on Scott County soil, tells the story of General Ambrose Burnside's Army in its march through the county in 1863, details the hardships and atrocities local people endured because of their allegiance to the Union, and provides a pictorial review of the military tombstones of Scott County's Civil War veterans. (14 page addendum to Scott County in the Civil War; Mar 2004. This is a PDF file that can be printed and included with your book. This addendum is provided to better explain the case files included in Chapter 4 from the book.) Indexed.

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