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Book Details for The Ramblin' Lays From Tennessee: A Family History

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The Ramblin' Lays From Tennessee: A Family History

Author(s): Clouis Eugene Lay
Publisher: Scott County Historical Society; Huntsville, TN
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 154
Abstract: Traces the Lays and related families through the lineage of John M. Lay (1790-1874) and a personal narrative history of the author relating his years growing up in Scott Co, his life in the military, and his life following his retirement from the Air Force. Mr. Lay provides an oral history section in which he has long conversations with his father and mother, the late George F. and Bertie Silcox Lay, concerning their farm life in Scott Co, their memories of those who came before them and how things were done in days gone by. The book also includes a 17-page pictorial section featuring more than 100 photographs of the Lays and related families.

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