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West Family History Records

Author(s): Katheen N. Robbins and Nona Lee Byrd Chambers
Publisher: Scott County Historical Society; Huntsville, TN
Copyright: 1985
Pages: 37
Abstract: Traces the lineage of Reuben West (1750-1809).

Member Reviews

On October 23rd, 2006 Administrator rated this book ***OO
I would recommend this book.
Good point of departure for beginning to understand the West family of Scott County, Tennessee but contains many errors and provides nothing to substantiate the claim that Reuben West and Jane Mathews were the parents of Charles West, the first West to reside in the area that is present day Scott County. DNA evidence now points to William West and Mary Rutherford (both of Greene County, Tennessee) as the likely parents of Charles West. See West Family DNA Project

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