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Viewing Books
9 Jun 2012
Many of you have asked or tried to view the books listed here. As much as you want it and as much as I would like to provide it, I am unable to do so due to copyright and other restrictions.

The "Review" link for each book will not allow you to see the pages of the book. The "Review" link is provided to allow you to add your own comments about the value of that book to your research. This information can be useful to others interested in buying the book.

I do provide basic information about all the books to include the publisher. If you wish to purchase the book, you will need to contact the publisher for pricing information and to order.

Adding New Books
9 Jun 2012
Recently, many of you have been adding new books to this list but the books you've been adding were already present in the list.

Please don't add books that are already present. It just means I have to go delete them.

If you know of a book not already listed, then please, by all means add the book.

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